Goodnight Moon


Sending everyone off tonight with my wife, my Queen, my Khaleesi, Daenerys  Targaryen. I love Game of Thrones and one of the major reasons is this actress Emilia Clarke. It is a little weird because her character is supposed to be 13 in the first season, but all pedophilia aside she is certified smokeshow. So get geared up for the season 4 premiere on Sunday and enjoy this perfect piece of ace.


danerys 2 danerys gif emilia clarke 2 emilia clarke! emilia clarke emilia-clarke-nude-27emilia clarke gif


About Bat Brennan

23 year old born in Seattle, WA then raised on Long Island, NY. Love sports, beers, and all things American. I'm 6'6 and was probably the most talented high school forward ever to average 14 and 8. Still surprised the NBA didn't come calling. Or DI. Or DII.

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