Chris Petersen Making the People Laugh


Nice to see Chris bonding with the current Huskies on roster before he starts to bring in his crop of blue chippers that put UW over the top. This video was absolutely hysterical. The majority of these new uniform reveal videos go something like an AND 1 streetball crowd after a huge dunk. People just going crazy.  Usually it doesn’t matter what type of jersey  the school trots out, you are gunna see the black players bouncing off the walls and the white lineman trying not to look to awkward. I couldn’t even imagine being inside the Oregon locker room every time they reveal a new shiny neon travesty to the players. Some Duck WRs probably just kill themselves because they “Just can’t”. But the UW staff managed to piece together a uniform so ugly the team couldn’t celly at all. They had to sit there, stifle laughs, and think about how white and out of touch this new Coach Petersen is. If those turned out to actually be the unis I would be ready to chalk up a 0 win season based on team depression alone. A+ prank outta Coach and the new era in Husky football is starting off on a solid note.




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