Worst Job Ever

This ad has been running for basically every March Madness game and since gambling rules my life I have seen the commercial 1,000,000 times. And it has me thinking about the whole Mayday button idea. Customer service to begin with has to be just an awful job, dealing with people complaining about a product you had no hand in creating and couldn’t give two shits about.. Multiply that by infinity because the Mayday button has made that entire interaction face to face. This technology is opening up the door to a room full of whiny nerds, clueless senior citizens, and the ever present Chat Roulette scenario. It might make me a complete sicko but the first thought that entered my mind when I saw that lady pop up to help Craig “Needs this Jacket Gimmick to Remain Relevant” Sager was, “She will be seeing her fair share of penis.” For some reason I just think the option to summon a person on command via camera means that dicks will be shown. In the world we live in I don’t think you can trust the majority of people with anything. People are crazy. In the comment section of Barstool I have read things that would make my mother weep. Mark my words, the Kindle Fire staff is gunna catch more than a few eyefuls of random hog.


P.S.    If a fiery red head like Amy popped up every time I hit the Mayday button… would most likely be showing her why they call it the Irish curse.


About Bat Brennan

23 year old born in Seattle, WA then raised on Long Island, NY. Love sports, beers, and all things American. I'm 6'6 and was probably the most talented high school forward ever to average 14 and 8. Still surprised the NBA didn't come calling. Or DI. Or DII.

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